Masonic Memorials

This page is dedicated to the Remembrance of our Brothers who have passed. Information is posted as it becomes available. An e-mail is sent to the Brethren so that they are made aware and able to pay their respects as they see fit. You can Click on a Brother’s name to read a brief obituary about him.

Masonic Funeral Services are an honorable way for Masons to pay homage to their Brothers who have passed. But one must make his wishes known to his family or funeral director – the Lodge does not provide these services unless they are requested.



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Masonic Memorials

This page is dedicated to the Remembrance of our Brothers who have passed. Information is posted as it becomes available. An e-mail is sent to the Brethren so that they are made aware and able to pay their respects as they see fit. You can Click on a Brother’s name to read a brief obituary about him.

Masonic Funeral Services are an honorable way for Masons to pay homage to their Brothers who have passed. But one must make his wishes known to his family or funeral director – the Lodge does not provide these services unless they are requested.


Bro. George R. Isaacs – Life Member

George Raymond Isaacs, 80, of Trucksville, passed away Wednesday, July 13, 2022.

George was born in Wilkes-Barre to the late Howard and Verna Miller Isaacs.

On Dec. 10, 1968, he married Carol Elizabeth Herwig. They raised three children, Betty, Brian and Caroline, and were further blessed with six grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

At an early age, George was involved with the family business, Howard “Duke” Isaacs car dealership in Trucksville. After his father’s death, he ran the business for decades until it was transitioned to Ertley Motorworld through a joint venture/partnership in 1994. George continued as president of the new division and remained in leadership for many years thereafter. He was involved in development of the former site of the Isaacs dealership, establishing Pendragon Center in 1996 and overseeing the development of the Trucksville Sheetz gas station in 2001.

George was an avid sportsman who enjoyed shooting, boating and fishing. He and Carol literally traveled the world together, snorkeling and scuba diving, sport fishing and sightseeing. He also raced cars, drove a motorcycle and amassed a fleet of vehicles from boats to trucks to tractors. If the saying, “he who dies with the most toys wins” is true, George was the undisputed champion.

Preceding him in death, in addition to his mother and father, were his stepfather, Richard Staub; and his beloved wife, Carol, in 2021.

Surviving are his daughter, Betty Bowman and husband, Kevin; son, Brian Bridger and wife, Colleen; daughter, Caroline Isaacs and husband, Bill Hustad; grandchildren, Hilary Crossley; Molly Bridger and husband, Adam Mellen; Kelly McDade and husband, Michael; Freya Hustad; Ned Crossley and his partner, Alli Snyder; and Robin Crossley and partner, Sarah Seashock; and great-grandchildren, Makenzie and Makayla McDade and Vaida and Louie Crossley.

Bro. Lauren E. Dymond

Lauren E. Dymond Sr., 74, of Shavertown, passed away at 10:48 p.m. Monday, July 4, 2022, in Wilkes-Barre General Hospital.

He was born in Kingston on Jan. 16, 1948, son of the late Lauren and Aileen Dymond. Lauren, known as Larry, was a longtime resident of the Back Mountain, making his home in Shavertown since the 1980s. He attended Dallas High School but transferred his senior year and graduated from New Brunswick High School in New Jersey in 1966.

Larry served in the Pennsylvania National Guard. He worked as a truck driver for most of his life. Driving for Martz Bus Line, Friedman’s Trucking, Mack Trucks and eventually starting and driving for his own company, Sandyme Trucking, retiring in 2013.

Larry was a lifetime member of the Shavertown Volunteer Fire Department and a 30-year member of the Back Mountain Rod and Gun Club in Forkston; a member of the George M. Dallas Masonic Lodge No. 531; and Irem Temple Shrine; a member of the Back Mountain Railroad Club; a member of Daddow Isaacs American Legion Post 627, all in Dallas. Larry was a member of the Orange United Methodist Church.

He was preceded in death by his wife, the former Sandra Baird.

Surviving are his sons, Lauren E. and his wife, Brooke Dymond, New Market, Md.; Timothy F. Dymond, Kingston; grandchild, Connor F. Dymond, Kingston; and sister, Carol and her husband, Robert Eyet, Dallas.

James J. O’Neil

James J. “Bucky” O’Neil, 90, of Dallas, passed away, Friday, June 24, 2022.

Bro. Leo Dragon, Jr.

Leo S. Dragon Jr. “Jackson,” 68, of Sweet Valley, passed away peacefully Tuesday, Aug. 17, 2021, at home.

He was born in Kingston on June 22, 1953, and was the son of the late Leo Dragon Sr. and Eleanor Quinnan.

Leo graduated from West Side Area Vocational Technical School in 1971 and received his master’s degree in education from Temple University. He was the owner/operator of Dragon Construction in the 1980s before becoming a building construction teacher at West Side Vo-Tech for 32 years. Leo was president of PSEA Teachers Union for West Side Vo-Tech for 15 years. He was also a member of Carpenters Local Union and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church, Hunlock Creek. In his retirement, he enjoyed many projects around his home, dinners out with his family, playing with his grandchildren, and camping with Jane O. He was a friend to many and a role model to even more. His wealth of skills and knowledge traveled beyond his reach. Dad had a tremendous impact on everyone who was fortunate enough to know him.

In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by sister, Lois Dragon; daughter, Jennifer Dragon; and grandson, Cole Dragon.

Leo is survived by children, Leo Dragon III and Stacy, Bear Creek; Kelly Christianson and husband, Harry, Parsons; Tim Dragon and wife, Lindsay, Shavertown; and Laura McBride and husband, Scott, Mars; grandchildren, Emma, Macz, Jackson, Lettie, Demi and Owen; and his companion and partner in crime, Jane Balavage, aka Jane O.

Bro. Roland J. Gensel

Brother Roland J. Gensel passed away on August 3, 2021.

Brothers who passed in 2013

Bro. Byron Grieves, 79, of Dallas, passed Thursday, February 14. Master Mason 1981.
Bro. Glenn R. Stroh, 83, of Shavertown, passed March 10. Master Mason 1958.
Bro. Ernest Wolfe, 91, of Dallas, passed March 30. Master Mason 2004.


Brothers who passed in 2012

Bro. Harrison Smith, 96, formerly from the Wyoming Valley, passed January 1. Master Mason 1948.
Bro. Ralph Garris
, 89, formerly of Dallas, passed January 26. Master Mason 1954.
Bro. John Holdredge Sr., 83, of Dallas, passed February 19. Master Mason 1957.
Bro. George Alan Stolarick, 59, of Dallas, passed March 16, 2012. Master Mason 1995.
Bro. Peter Paul Mahalick, 72, of Dallas, passed May 13, 2012. Master Mason 2007.
Bro. James “Howie” Sangston, 71, of Dallas, passed on June 4, 2012. Master Mason 1990.
Bro. Royal J. Culp, 90, of Kingston, passed away June 24, 2012. Master Mason 1950.
Bro. William Sorokin, 67, of Plains Township, passed August 16. Master Mason 2004.
Bro. Walter Gosart, 92, of Shavertown, passed September 4. Master Mason December 1946.
Bro. William A. Vollrath, 74, of Harveys Lake, passed October 12. Master Mason 1971.
Bro. Richard (Dick) Evans Jr.
, 73, of Dallas, passed October 5. Master Mason 2005.
Bro. Barry Landmesser
, 71, of Shavertown, passed November 26. Master Mason 1965.
Bro. Robert Price, passed December 2. Master Mason 1959.
Bro. James Norris Warkomski, 85, Phoenix, AZ, passed December 22, 2012. Master Mason 1949.
Bro. Edward P. Casterline, 84, of Exeter, passed away Sunday, December 30, 2012. Master Mason 1993.

Brother Asa B. Shaver, a farmer who resided in Dallas, PA, was born in 1838 in Dallas Township. He was reared and educated at the common schools. Shaver confined himself to agricultural pursuits owning 50 acres of fertile land devoted to general farming. He was described as having a retiring disposition attending to his own affairs rather than seeking the smiles and favors of others. Asa married, but had no children. Brother Shaver was a Freemason in good standing, receiving all the Degrees up to and including Knights Templar. He was the first Worshipful Master of George M. Dallas Lodge No. 531. Source: History of Luzerne County Pennsylvania by H. C. Bradsby; S. B. Nelson & Co., Publishers; 1893.

19th Century
Worshipful Masters
Bro. Asa B. Shaver                       1875, 1893
Bro. Theodore Ryman                  1876
Bro. James Garrahan                   1877
Bro. Joseph Shaver                      1878
Bro. Ira Shaver                              1879
Bro. Philip Raub                            1880
Bro. Ziba Rice                               1881
Bro. Lewis Shaver                         1882
Bro. Richard Whiteman                 1883
Bro. Charles Cooke                       1884
Bro. Robert Holly                           1885
Bro. Charles Rogers                     1886
Bro. Oliver Fisher                          1887, 1888
Bro. B. Wm. Brickel                       1889, 1890
Bro. Elmer Shaver                         1891
Bro. Calvin Spencer                      1892
Bro. Albert Hay                              1894
Bro. Charles Gregory                    1895
Bro. John Phillips                           1896, 1899
Bro. George Morris                        1897
Bro. James Benniger                     1898

20th Century Worshipful Masters
Bro. Charles Gregory                    1900
Bro. George Morris                       1901
Bro. George Bray                          1902
Bro. Eugene Honeywell                 1903
Bro. Allan Snyder                          1904
Bro. George Hileman                    1905, 1912
Bro. William Neely                         1906
Bro. Asa E. Lewis                          1907,1911
Bro. Ralph Brickel                         1908
Bro. Harry Croop                           1909
Bro. John Jeter, Jr.                        1910
Bro. William Lazarus                     1913
Bro. John Fleming                         1914
Bro. Harold Wildrick                      1915
Bro. Claude Isaacs                       1916, 1919
Bro. Frederick Houck                    1917
Bro. Floyd Thompson                   1918
Bro. Frank Garrahan                    1920
Bro. William Jeter                          1921
Bro. Carl Holtz                               1922
Bro. Charles Gregory                    1923
Bro. Corey Gordon                        1924
Bro. A. Donald Fratz                      1925
Bro. Daniel Shaver                        1926
Bro. David Casmore                      1927, 1931
Bro. Arthur Brown                          1928
Bro. Donald Herbert                      1929
Bro. R. Harold Rood                      1930
Bro. Frederick Eck                        1932
Bro. Calvin McHose                       1933
Bro. William Cairl, Jr.                     1934
Bro. Ernest Smith                          1935, 1942
Bro. Victor Schindel                       1936
Bro. Joseph Blaine                         1937
Bro. Clifford Ide                              1938, 1943
Bro. Alfred Camp                            1939
Bro. Russell Ide                              1940
Bro. Ralph Hazeltine                       1941
Bro. Albert Groblewski                    1944
Bro. David Schooley                       1945
Bro. Robert Bodycomb                   1946
Bro. Arlean Bowman                       1947
Bro. Granville Snowdon                  1948
Bro. Ernest Caryl                            1949
Bro. Albert Antanaitis                      1950
Bro. Stanley Moore                         1951
Bro. Thomas Robinson                   1952
Bro. John Sheehan, Sr.                   1953
Bro. Corey Rood                             1954
Bro. Edward Hartman                      1955
Bro. Elmer Major                             1956
Bro. Ted Wilson                              1957
Bro. Hayward Lancio                       1958
Bro. Robert Rave                            1959
Bro. Harry Ritts, Jr.                          1960
Harry Swepston, Jr.                          1961
Bro. Edward Hopa                            1963
Bro. Carl Remley                              1964
Bro. Robert Stephenson                  1965
Bro. Robert K. Lewis                       1966
Bro. Richard Stroud                         1967
Bro. Reuel Lasher                            1969
Bro. Joseph Allen, Jr.                       1971
Bro. Laning Harvey III                       1972
Bro. Charles Bartlett                        1974
Bro. Thomas Williams                      1977
Bro. Donald Lockhart                       1978
Bro. Arthur Bird                                1979
Bro. Nelson Williams                        1986
Bro. Donald Smith                            1987
Bro. Donald F. Shaffer                     1995
Bro. John Sheehan, Jr.                    1996
Bro. J. William Haddle, Jr.                1997, 1999
Bro. Charles A. Vanderhoff               1998

21st Century Worshipful Masters
Bro. Leonard A. Dorrance               2001
Bro. Robert K. Lewis,                      2010


As of 2013, our Lodge has had 125 Worshipful Masters.View the list of Living Past Masters.

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